Lectures during holidays

Reading It books during holidays?

Are you insanse? Someone could ask me this question, but seriously - during holidays I read just whatever I have on my list; I don't divide lectures into "workdays" and "holidays". I just read what I'd like to read and what I'm comfortable with at the moment. And if those are IT books during holidays - it's totally ok :)

Mature optimization

Mature Optimization

Mature Optimization by Carlos Bueno is a book which could be described the best using words of the author:

I spent a good chunk of the last year working on an internal training class and a short book about performance measurement and optimization. My employer, Facebook, has kindly allowed me to release the book for free.

Docker Book

Docker Book

This is a full know - how about Docker containers. Anyone that thinks about turning his infrastructure in the way of lightweight containers should start with this reading. Nice to see Scott Collier as the technical reviewer. Scott works in RedHat on Openshift and Docker (also Kubernetes). I collaborate with Scott on Fedora Dockerfiles project within FedoraProject.

This books imo lacks chapter covering cluster management subject, but as it is (the book) still updated with new content I think that we'll have this covered.

Run or die

Run or Die

This is a story of one of the most famous skyrunners of our times. He still amazes us with his new achievements. What can I say - this is a nice and easy lecture I really wanted to read (thanks to my wife for finding this!)

The Thriatlete's Training Bible

The Thriatlete's Training Bible #

As I'm planning to start in my first thriatlon next year, all this year I'm preparing for this event. The best way imo is to do the lesson and learn about theory of proper training. I know the author John Friel for his other books (especially The Cyclist Training Bible) and I really found those lectures very rich about good practices, training sessions examples and whole training theory.

2 weeks

...and couple ot thousands of pages to read & understand & make notes. Yeah ;)