Atmosphere Conference 2014 recap

Atmo 2014

Atmosphere conference was a blast! Those 2 days were full of talking, arguing and thinking. Venue was really great – whole event took place in the Praha Cinema in Warsaw and we had that feeling of #RedCarpet party ;)

The Atmosphere Conference just like Velocity is all about scalability and performance so DevOPS techniques and culture are all around the place – you can literally feel those in the air. Also the event is about people you meet there – and as the afterparty kept the Conference standards (great organization, full of interesting people) I can only say, that this is “must be” for all our polish DevOPS and others that are taking care of scaling and polishing their platforms performance.

Someone asked me to compare Velocity and Atmosphere. Well – the latter one is generally polish Conference where 95% of participants are from Poland; yet this year lectures were mainly in english. And about technological part – this year there were guys from Akamai, Facebook, E-Bay, Chef, Percona, Prezi, Microsoft, some polish local businesses and me – from Fedora Project. Looks like this conference is going global, yup? :)

Oh and that running part – I stayed in a hotel just near to Lazienki Park – one of the most beautiful city – parks in the Poland. So 6 am I was already up & running through that alleys – I really recommend this place to every of you that wants to keep in motion ;)

I’m really happy to had been part of the Atmosphere 2014. My lecture was about scaling and securing node.js apps. Check those out:

Scaling and securing node.js apps from Maciej Lasyk