Spotify on Fedora 21

Spotify and Fedora

Spotify on Fedora?

Yup, I just got bored of running Spotify on my cellphone when working on computer. Unfortunately there is no native support for Spotify on Fedora just like in Debian / Ubuntu (which are preferred distros by Spotify for Linux today).

So howto Spotify and Fedora?

Quit simple, but a bit kinky ;)

  • Install rpmfusion repo
  • Install Spotify client: yum install lpf-spotify-client
  • This client has some old dependency (, which is not (and will not be) in F21. However I found it in this COPR, so simple install this repo and yum install compat-libgcrypt
  • Now just type in terminal: lpf update and you will get a popup window w/Spotify client updater/installer.

If you have any issues installing see buildlog (you can view it from this popup window)