systemd 231 in Centos 7 thx to Facebook

systemd ftw!

What is it about?

So Centos7 currently has systemd version 219 installed which was released on 2015-02-16 (see NEWS).

This is a huge problem, as we miss a lot of very important functions related to journald, networkd, machinectl, systemd-nspawn and so on.

Porting latest systemd versions to Centos is a daunting task. It's possible, but it takes time. And during latest systemd conference guys from Facebook Engineering told us, that they actually did it. Marcin asked them if they're gonna share it and Davide replied, that it should be easy and will think about it.

And they did. Yesterday.

On Facebook Incubator project on Github you'll find rpm - backports

And there's also a COPR repo shared by a Red-Hatter Jan Synacek.

Having those both you may install systemd 231 on your Centos7.

It's not currently meant to be running as production and also doesn't provide SELinux policies / contexts. But.. it works. And it works on FB scale :)

Quick howto

(it's copy&paste from Jan's COPR installation instructions , so make sure it's up to date:

Make sure to edit /etc/selinux/config and put SELinux to permissive before you update, otherwise your system will not boot anymore!
# wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/jsynacek-systemd-centos-7.repo
# yum update systemd

Short story longer

And special thanks to Marcin Sawicki for catching my tweet and moving things forward <3

Guys - thank you a lot for this!