Dou you kanban?

Introduction to Lean Management with Kanban in IT

Recently I gave a speech about using Kanban in Operations management process. I prepared it the night before (It was like an emergency – I had to fill the 60min gap in the 2-hours speech block), so didn’t have too much time (to be honest – I had only one night). I decided to prepare it with presentation engine – I’ve seen it before and always wanted to go this unusual way. But I had a few troubles with this engine:

  • I decided to prepare this “prezi” in polish language (right now I’m translating it into english). I could not use polish fonts under my Fedora 15 / Chrome – very weird. Normally I have no problems with PL fonts in Flash apps… and of course It was late night, so I haven’t time to work on this problem
  • I wanted to download the offline presentation to be able to show it independently of internet connection. I was able to export it only as an exe file.. the only way to play it on my Fedora was to use Wine – It was ok until I tried to go fullscreen – app broken everytime (in all my 3 boxes I tried on – all on Fedoras)
  • Finally, the speech was ok as I know from the participants, but one of the technical problems was a low framerate during slides transformations – and this is what the Prezi is all about (finally I played it with online viewer in I used Aces Extensa 5220 with 2GB RAM, Celeron 1.73 GHz and Intel GMA X3100

Despite all this issues I will try to improve next time – I’ll try to solve the PL fonts problem and I’ll also investigate the low performance problem. Below I’ve embedded the PL version. When I’ve finished the EN version I will add it below: