Short brief from LinuxCon Europe 2012 / Barcelona

LinuxCon Europe 2012 is a wrap! And it was really brainfuck storm on the space level, that my brain said loudly: “no more!”, I absorbed so much coffee, that my magnesium level shrank to some negative number.. and what for? Two things happened which are worth of saying loudly or rather writing on this blog.

First one – after so many years I successfully have a photo with Linus Torvalds! I also talked to him a little (very..) and he shook my hand (which I will not wash for weeks now ;) ). Foto below, on the right side is my friend from work, CTO at Ganymede:


Second thing is - what Bill Kent from The Linux Foundation wrote me after I tried myself at the Linux Trivia contest:

You were one of only four people who answered every question correctly. I'm happy to inform you that you received our second prize - the free Linux soccer/football jersey!


As You see - I'm in the Linux football team! (and don’t use this word: "soccer" You Americans - football was used first in old continent – take this "soccer" thing or use "rugby" instead :D

I must also write, that above picture was placed at webpage!

For now that’s all – I’ll try to put some more words about LinuxCon – but honestly I don’t know when I will have time to unzip && untar all the brainfuck notes and put them all together in some reasonable form.. ;)