Linux Autumn 2013 – recap


So this is it – Linux Autumn conference is over! We talked a lot, we hiked a beautiful mountain, we drank a loot of beer and meet new people. This year’s edition was placed in the Szczyrk – heart of Beskid Śląski and Żywiecki mountains – and weather was so great that i just couldn’t stay for all the talks inside the hotel and left for a while to take a hike to the biggest mountain in the hood (see images & videos that I shot on the end of this post).

The agenda was very interesting. I particularly liked:

  • Pam_container – LXC + PAM + Python = ♥ (by Grzegorz Nosek). This topic is very close for me as I just falled in love with LXC.
  • Memory handling in Linux (by Maciej Nabożny). Performance topic are also very interesting for me – I spend a lot of time using strace / gdb on daily basis while developing some projects so it’s always nice to hear something new or to take a look from one’s perspective.
  • Smack – simple alternative to SELinux (by Rafał Krypa). I’m heavy SELinux user and also I just have to know about all the new security concepts. It was interesting but… I’ll stay with SELinux ;)
  • Know Your Tools – auditd (by Dariusz Puchalak). I use auditd on daily basis so just wanted to see how others do it. I can say – we all use it the way developer thought – so the proper way ;)
  • Take care of my logs (by Witold Duranek) – this was very interesting talk about marriage of Logstash, Elasticsearch, Kibana and RabbitMQ. Really great – something I will have to take a closer look & deploy.
  • Technomonopols (by Michał Woźniak) – this was flame & troll fight about out understaiding of the biggest social services monopolies. Quite interesting – and despite I hate troll fights & flame wars – this one draw my attention

I also won the contest announced by guys from Samsung R&D Centre. There were two topics (improving Linux security and improving Linux boot time). I won Samsung Galaxy S3 thanks to my ideas about shortening the boot process time on Linux machines. I’ll write another post about that.

Unfortunately I didn’t make it to have a talk during this edition of Linux Autumn. Due to that I changed my worked recently I had too much things on my head and just weren’t able to prepare enough. I created 2 short lightning talks (about node.js security and managing resources with control groups) but unfortunately – there was no lightning talks event so I couldn’t give that presentations.

As I said – I love hiking the mountains so I took a trip to the summit of Skrzyczne mountain. You can view the photos below. I also created 2 time-lapse videos using my SGS3 – you can see dusk and dawn over this beautiful Skrzyczne mountain.