Samsung R&D; Linux Boot competition – smashed ;) / Concepts github repo created!


During last Linux Autumn conference (check my recap here) I won competition run by guys from the platinum sponsor – Samsung R&D Centre. There were two topics to be covered – each on other interesting aspect of Linux tuning. First one was about polishing Linux security and the second – about speeding up the Linux boot process. I wrote answers to both topics, but the latter was the winning one.

I was asked about my ideas that I used during that competition a few times until then. So after yet another conversation I thought, that maybe it’s time to write those and make them public – why not – I didn’t discover the America – just wrote down some known facts ;)

So – I strongly believe that github is a good place to publish things like that. I created ‘concepts’ repo where I’ll push any ideas that in my opinion is worth of it. Never mind if those are my own concepts or I heard those on some conference. This way I’m publishing my “concepts” notebook from my Evernote.

Feel free to clone this repo here:

The competition winning idea is here:

And one more thing. This competition was awarded with this beauty Samsung Galaxy SIII (yes, it’s only box; I already have exactly the same phone, so this one is landing on E-Bay):