Online Courses

What about onlince courses?

I've been using couple of online educational services (IT mainly) and wanted to share a short list of those I used - with a little comment:

  • Coursera - library full of varied courses, mainly university level; ++ for mobile apps; courses are not self - paced
  • CodeSchool - Mainly webdev & mobiledev courses; sometimes I have feeling that videos are too childish; also not that many excercises to do; self - paced
  • CodeAcademy - like CodeSchool mainly webdev courses (and backend ones also); not that childish - I liked using this; self - paced
  • LearnStreet - pity it's closed now; this was really great service with many excercises and rich content; mentioning it because I really believe it will be live again; self - paced
  • udemy - didn't use this one, but my wife does ;) self - paced, rich of wide angle - courses (not only IT)
  • ClassCentral - it's rather an agregator of many courses - engines (like Coursera). Worth mentioning as provides calendar of courses from many services
  • Pluralsight - very rich library of self - paced IT courses; I've moved here as this one covers majority of topics that I wanted to learn about or retrain

I think that those services could be a solid base for development planning in any company.