Logout from Facebook


It could be a surprize that I won't mention here Facebook privacy policy. I'm rather open person on the web, so I really don't care about anyone stalking my actions (as I rather keep private matters outside the Internet). It's about trade - offs when you start exploring the web and create profiles on social services - you sell a bit of your privacy and get back the possibility to interact with other people who you don't have to know or cannot contact personally.

So - why?

  • I realized that 4k of unread RSSes are awating me (this number grew because of my FB activity)
  • I get almost nothing productive from FB - just people status updates etc
  • I found that I've been poking around FB without any self - control loosing too much time
  • I learn almost nothing from FB; percent of valuable posts is so low that it's irrational to name it "profitable"
  • From the wider perspective - FB is just boring. I personally find interesting only those informations that are educative so I can learn something new. Major of FB updates is just rumour.
  • People tend to show themselves in the best possible situations, under bright glare and we usually try to compare ourselves to them (this is how human is constructed imo). And this can lead us to frustration. Why would we do this to ourselves?

What will I miss?

  • Mainly contacts with people living far away
  • Some of companies instead of running own blog with RSS feed just use FB to post updates on events, promotions etc

What will I get?

  • Time to read RSSes -> valuable articles, updates etc
  • More time to focus - less context - switching (yup, I caught myself on that due to FB activity)
  • ~100mb of space on my phone ;)
  • I'll focus on this blog so there's non - zero chance that it will be more human - usable
  • I was always a writer kind of person who likes to document events. FB is very bad when someones decide to post there story from a voyage because it will simply be lost after some time. Internet of things works better - when you have your own webpage it is indexed by many serch engines and people can easily come back here.
  • Confidence that content I create will survive as it is hosted in a way I decide

Did I logout completely?

No. I uninstalled FB apps from my phone - thanks to that I just control my level of dopamine during day :)

Moreover I removed login&pwd from the browser memory on my laptop - anytime I want to check on FB I have to login manually. Lastly - I set up one-time-per-day session of FB (~5min). Just to check on my family.