Nixnote (Evernote client) on Fedora


I've been using Evernote for years now (Grzegorz, still remember, thanks!). What I've been missing since 1st day was a decent, Linux native client. That's why I've been using webapp (which is a really nice piece of work, but sometimes performs terribly).

There's always been this Nevernote app, which was a desktop open-source client for Evernote, later called Nixnote and project webpage was moved here.

Back then version 1.x was developed in Java and it's performance was even more terrible than native Evernote webapp. But since couple of months we've got a solution - guys created 2.x version which is based on QT and performs really good. It's still in beta however but "so far so good" :)

As usual I created ansible-role for this Nixnote - it's very simple - you can check it in my fedora-desktop-ansible project on github.