systemd workshops recap

PID1 for the win!


So as I wrote before together with Marcin Skarbek we ran systemd workshops last Saturday. Venue was full, guys from MegiTeam made sure everything was organized well - it was just like it should be - thank you all :)

systemd workshops

Can I see what you presented?

Sure, everything is explained in github repo.

Will you do it again?

There've been questions if we could run those workshops one more time. So actually yes. We're thinking about 2nd round before end of this year. Simply follow Twitter tag #systemdkrkworkshops (or this blog's RSSes).

Anything more? #learningsystemd!

Yes. Considering that systemd is huge and learning it is a long journey I decided to create learning-systemd tag in this very blog (and Twitter tag #learningsystemd) I'll use it for blog post I'll create on this very topic. And I plan to post often :)