Recap from 16th Linux Session @Wrocław

16th Linux Session!

16th Linux Session @Wrocław is a wrap and I must say that it was one of the best editions from my point of view. I could finally stay for the whole weekend, enjoy discussions with most of attendees and learn something new. And have a beer or two or more ;)

From all those talks I attended in I'd like to say that two draw my attention quite close:

  1. Performant filtering of network packets with BPF by Michał Rostecki. Michał works around Cilium at Suse and during his talk I learnt a bit about how current state of network filtering works in Linux Kernel, what are different methods of filtering / routing and where to find one of the best documentation about BPF (that is on Cilium documentation pages:
  2. Own email server - hows and whys by Błażej Święcicki (Błażej, do you exist on internets at all? ;) ). This talk started interesting discussion about privacy of our communication. We learnt how it looks like to host own email service these days. Personally I do host my own mail server thus I was interested in challenges Błażej had to accept during last decade of maintaining Postfixes and making sure emails are properly delivered and received.

I was a speaker at this Linux Session for the 6th time - it's actually the only conference I attend so regularly - thanks guys! So this time I talked about security of Linux containers (one more time). Slides are here:

16th Linux Session! 16th-linux-session-slides.pdf

Also I decided to prepare a lightning - talks. First about sshuttle and the second one about my hobby which is a long - distance training and sport and how Linux and open source software helps me with that. 2 years ago I finished Norseman Xtreme Triahlon - during this lightning talk I described briefly how I use GoldenCheetah for my workout performance analysis and planning, Blender for video analysis of my swimming stroke and Audacity for audio editing and working on content of my sport - related podcast.

Slides from this lightning talk are here:

Last but not least - some time ago one of tweets draw my attention:

systemd ftw

I liked this t-shirt very much, and as I always try to teach more and more people about good things of systemd therefore I decided to prepare similar t-shirt for this event. Here it is (you can't really see the sentence, but believe me - it's there ;) ):

systemd ftw

Thank you guys and see you next year!