More about containers security


Two days before this event Wojciech Dworakowki (leader of Polish OWASP chapter) asked me if I could prepare an emergency presentation on a very short notice as one of already announced and confirmed speakers lost his voice due to a sickness. As I always try to support OWASP and have some practical knowledge and experience related to infrastructure security I agreed. It cost me only one evening / 5h to prepare this presentation.

I must write, that I was positively surprised as I wasn't completely sure about quality of slides, content and my pronunciation as I didn't have time at all to practice (and I'm not a native, English speaker). Fortunately feedback I received was very positive, so thanks guys!

I published slides here (uninfected PDF for downloading):

OWASP! OWASP_more_about_linux_containers.pdf

By the way - I did it again - 2 years ago I gave an emergency talk at huge conference (Devopsdays Poland) on a 1,5h notice(!). You can view it here - It also was far from ideal, but again - back then feedback was also good. During that time I was a member of the conference program committee and basically one of speakers didn't appear and I had to replace him. I remember that I had to find a calm place and having only 90 minutes prepare a 25min talk. Crazy stuff :D

So - funny stories, that tell me that you never know the hour, so stay always prepared. And public speaking is fun! ;)