I was doing some cloud - related networking job. I had to verify whether couple of networks contains some IP addresses.

In a situation, when there's only a couple of checks to be done, writing a script doesn't make a sense. In such circumstances I usually use ipcalc binary.

However this binary requires from me "a manual, eye - based verification". I basically need to verify by myself it a network, which is in details explained by ipcalc contains a specific IP address or not.

As this verification is very easy in any high - level programming language, thus I decided to create a lightweight binary for that in Golang.

Additional bonus - in latest version you can also verify if a network contains another network.

Where is it?

Here: https://github.com/docent-net/ipcalc-contains

You can download binaries from here: https://github.com/docent-net/ipcalc-contains/releases

How to use it?

Simply download a library that fits your OS/architecture and put inside of your ~/bin directory.