Iteration 2 of homelab Kubernetes


About this blog series

A few years passed, since I've initially setup my homelab. I've learnt a lot during this journey - starting from bare-metal planning, network topology (which is completely different, than a cloud-one or even, an office one), through storage solutions, emergency power supplies, uplink redundancy, Kubernetes management and performance tuning, various cluster services and finishing on writing own Kubernetes controllers.

So, recently I decided, that I will upgrade this whole cluster, from an old 1.21.x to some recent one, 1.27. However, upgrading k8s is not an easy task, especially, when there're many services already running there. I decided, that the quickest, most reliable and least risky way would be to simply, create a new cluster, and simply, migrate all required services there.

So this all got me thinking, that it's a great opportunity to actually describe this story in a few blog posts. This would be a good starting point, for preparing some meetup presentation in the future. I know - there're plenty of homelabs already there. I believe however, that each story is worth telling, as there's always something to learn from. Especially, when the story describes bunch of experiences.